UofG War Memorial Hall Access

UofG War Memorial Hall Access

In summer 2012, the University of Guelph completed the re-construction of the access and related parking control at War Memorial Hall on College Avenue. This access provides service to War Memorial Hall. Mills Hall, and the front of Johnson Hall. The original access configuration was sub-standard – too narrow, congested traffic, sub-standard lighting, and lacked […]

Parking Lot P30 - UofG

Parking Lot P30 – UofG

The University completed a project to reconstruct parking lots P30 and P31.  Our role included full design / tendering / construction administration. The design portion included development of new parking configurations and capacity expansion. Reconstruction included complete removal and replacement of the granular and asphalt, new stormwater management / draianage systems, curb islands, new lighting […]

Transit Terminal - UofG

Transit Terminal – UofG

We provided design, tendering and construction administration services to the University of Guelph to reconfigure / reconstruct the main entrance loop at the University Centre – to convert the loop into a public transit only hub. The terminal simultaneously handles 10 City of Guelph buses on the east side bays, c/w pedestrian access, shelters, and […]

Bishop MacDonell High School

Bishop MacDonell High School

Wellington District Catholic School Board, in conjunction with the City of Guelph, developed a green field site on Clair Road in south Guelph. The site preparation included an extensive area grading program, followed by construction of full site services for the high school building, as well as future recreation centre building[s]. Municipal services were also […]

Verney Reservoir - Guelph

Verney Reservoir – Guelph

The Verney Street Elevated Water Storage Reservoir is an existing all steel, multi-legged design, 4550 m3 reservoir. The work completed under this contract generally included the removal of all existing interior and exterior coatings, and application of new interior and exterior coating systems.  BCEL provided the City of Guelph with services including: coordination with coatings […]

Clair Reservoir - Guelph

Clair Reservoir – Guelph

As a part of the expansion and improvement to the City of Guelph’s water distribution system, the City added a 4,550 m3 [1 million Imp. Gallon] capacity elevated water storage reservoir, located in the south end of the City. We provided services to the City which included: examination of alternative servicing schemes through computer modeling […]

Park Well Reconstruction – Guelph

The Park Well is one of the City’s major production wells, and is critical to the water supply system.  We provided services which included: total station surveys, preparation of existing conditions base plan, coordination of approvals, preliminary and final design, cost estimates, tendering assistance.  The new building was constructed by City forces.

Class 6 Sewage Treatment System

Class 6 Sewage Treatment System

Millcreek is a residential community of 72 homes, located near Aberfoyle south of Guelph. We provided design, approvals coordination, and construction inspection services for this client, resulting in a sewage treatment solution for the residential development.  Our work included extension of the sewage collection system, liasion with the treatment plant manufacturer, detailed design of the […]

Regent Street - Guelph

Regent Street – Guelph

The results of our evaluation of the existing Regent Street Retaining Wall indicated that the wall was in very poor condition with a high probability of structural failure in the short term.  We also evaluated the existing municipal services (storm sewer, sanitary sewer, water service, road surface, etc.) and determined that they were also in […]

Timber Bridge - Guelph

Timber Bridge – Guelph

In conjunction with the Timber Framers Guild, the City of Guelph completed a pedestrian bridge to linkRoyal City Park on the Speed River [west of Gordon Street] to the Eramosa River Park. Braun Consulting Engineers provided these services to the City of Guelph: •  hydraulic modelling [HEC2] and backwater calculations •  GRCA approvals / permits •  site selection and […]

Speed Skating Rink Facade - Guelph

Speed Skating Rink Facade – Guelph

The City of Guelph completed the reconstruction of the original facade from the Speed Skating Rink – that once stood on the site of the River Run Centre. We provided design and construction review services to complete the internal reinforced concrete core structure – in its original configuration.  The core was subsequently faced – by […]

Overlook - Guelph

Overlook – Guelph

Adjacent to the River Run Centre, the City of Guelph completed an Overlook that allows visitors access to the amazing views of the Speed River.  We provided these services to the City and the project team: • HEC2 modelling • GRCA approvals • design • construction review and contract administration