Speed Skating Rink Facade – Guelph

The City of Guelph completed the reconstruction of the original facade from the Speed Skating Rink – that once stood on the site of the River Run Centre.

We provided design and construction review services to complete the internal reinforced concrete core structure – in its original configuration. ┬áThe core was subsequently faced – by a talented stone mason – with the stone that was salvaged from the original building.


In 1882, the citizens of Guelph built the Speed Skating Rink. The Speed Skating Rink was the scene of band concerts and choral presentations as well as pleasure skating. For the skating, an orchestra assembled on the ornate mezzanine balcony overlooking the ice and played waltzes as bonnet-bedecked ladies in ankle-length dresses glided sedately around the rink on the arms of men dressed in suits and ties. Very elegant and dignified for those days.

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