Torrance Creek Village

Great Gulf Homes is developing a condominium townhouse project in south Guelph, known as Torrance Creek Village.

The site is located on Victoria Road, bewtween Arkell and Stone, and when completed will include approximately 120 units.  The site plan incorporates a municipal SWM facility, and abuts the Torrance Creek wetland complex.

Details on the project can be found here, at the Great Gulf web site.

We provided engineering services to Great Gulf to assist in bringing the project from Draft Plan to completion of construction of Phase 1.  Typical site servicing includes:  area grading and earthworks, sanitary sewer, water supply, weeping tile collector system, storm sewer system, grading, surface works [curb, sidewalks, roads, parking].

We provided pre-design, detailed design, approvals coordination, permits, utility co-ordination, and construction review.  Phase 2 construction may proceed in 2011.

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