Weston Golf Club – Ponds

Weston Golf and Country Club recently modified the pond on Hole 2, and added a new pond on Hole 3. ┬áThese changes provide the golf course with improved irrigation capability and increased storage capacity – necessary for golf course maintenance.

Completion of this project required:

  • design of an energy dissipation structure for the existing storm sewer crossing the golf course
  • realignment of a local creek along the 2nd hole
  • co-ordination with the TRCA
  • co-ordination with the City of Toronto – and related approvals – related to existing sewer easements
  • design of the two ponds
  • design of the piping system and structures to allow movement of water into and out of storage
  • design of a new pumphouse – co-ordination with the irrigation consultant
  • tendering assistance and construction review

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