Alumni Stadium – University of Guelph

In 2012, UofG completed a retrofit of the Alumni Stadium. We were a part of the design-build project team that included:

  • Davan Site Contractors
  • MBTW Group – Landscape Architects
  • MJS Consulting – Electrical Engineer

The project scope generally included:

  • replacement of natural turf with an artificial surface
  • extensive under drainage system and in-ground Storm Water Management system
  • replacement of cinder track with a larger capacity, synthetic surface track
  • replacement of stadium lighting system; addition of new video scoreboard
  • extensive site regrading; hard + soft landscaping improvements

Alumni Stadium pano

The stormwater management solution combined an extensive collection system, with an in-ground Stormtech detention storage facility. Discharge to the UofG storm sewer system is controlled using structures equipped with orifices and weirs for the various design storms.


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