University of Guelph – Biodiversity

From the UofG web site:

The world’s first centre for high-volume DNA barcoding has officially opened on the University of Guelph campus.

The Biodiversity Institute of Ontario (BIO) will provide researchers with the equipment needed to discover, identify and catalogue species from around the world using barcode technology.

“Today we are celebrating the opening of a facility that has the potential to literally change the way the world looks at life on our planet,” said Alan Wildeman, vice-president (research). “There are no topics more fundamental to biology than the relationships of species to each other.”

Inside the $4.2-million facility, researchers are working on creating a complete inventory of the world’s species using tissue samples. A short DNA sequence from a gene found in all multicellular organisms is analyzed and used to identify the species. DNA barcoding conducted at the centre has already led to the discovery of new species of birds, butterflies and fishes. The information is then entered into an online database of established DNA barcodes called the Barcode of Life Data System.

Our scope of work included extending the necessary infrastructure / site services to the building from the newly completed South Campus Infrastructure Project [also our project].

Servicing for Biodiversity included:

  • stormwater management
  • sanitary sewer
  • water supply
  • steam supply / condensate return
  • chilled water supply / return

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